Monday, 3 April 2017

Birthday Animal, for Rose

This animal is a kind of a space animal. They live on earth, but also at a very particular point in outer space, very close to us. Kind of like the two particles that scientists make where they separate them across a room, and when you tickle one of them, both of them laugh. Like that. This animal is called Speck. There are lots and lots and lots of this sort of animal. But this one is very particular, and it looks up to you. Just you. This animal is very quiet in outer space. Except for one moment, every so often, where it collides with all of earth. All of it! And Speck turns into the most amazing fireworks and meteorites and little projections of all the constellations that already exist somewhere, but we won’t see until millions of years after we’re all dead. 

And then, when that day is over and Earth has passed through them or around them, Speck watches Earth Speck. Earth Speck likes to splash around in the pan when you make dinner and listen to your laptop snore and try to predict which book you’re going to take off the shelf next so they can go for a ride through the air. 

78 days ago (from when this is being typed), Speck was on Earth, all together, and made everything you’d ever done shimmer and electrify. And that’s what Speck sees all the time - from your pocket, from your refrigerator, from your bookshelf. Lines through close-ups of your palms and your irises, and all the nearby stars, and Earth from a small distance, all of it, with all the bits luminescent, all vibrating louder because of you.

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