Sunday, 16 April 2017

Noticing the Most Changes in the Weather, for Leo

It went something like this, all right? We were all gazing, just standing tiptoe on the edge of the planet, because everywhere is a horizon. We were just looking into the night sky. We were just. Hanging out, really. All the pieces became electric. Bright, screaming electric that obliterated the night, the far-off lights. And wet. All the sinews heavy, undulating in our skin in response to our blinking, bouncing around between percussive veins, slowed by other cells, just saturated differently. The speed of sound must have shifted, because we could not understand the language of noises anymore. Whispers and crickets and dancing feet all sounded different, but we no longer could identify any of them. The time signature was evacuated from our brains, and the marrow in our bones impeded their resonance and it thrummed pain-laced dissonance.

We were suspended, still on the edge of the horizon. Toes down, all the molecules in the same place, and we stay. Just for a bit. Just because we can still see the stars, now, and nothing is irreparable in the same way that everything is also broken. All the time. So, now all the gaps are just in our synapses, and the animal is doing well, we think. Will send pictures soon. In the meantime, maybe leave the shades open.

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