Sunday, 30 July 2017

Synesthesia, for Sarah

This animal is quiet. It laughs very often. When it is tired, it spasms in its sleep, like a small animal dreaming of running and eating and licking and scratching and sniffing, all at once. We have observed it spanning through windows, looping around chair legs, calling out at all the edges of your computer screen. It appears in many, many places at the same time. We cannot tell if It is all the same long animal at once, or just the same animal occupying various distinct spaces at the same time.

It will lick you gently when you are eating a meal. It opens your shoeboxes and plays imaginary evacuations when you are not in the room. It is very very cool and slimy, but only when you offer to pet It. It will sleep around your showerhead or at the edge of your sink. It enjoys rain but it's laugh can become insatiable. You can sing to It, but we don’t know quite yet how it will respond. When you wake suddenly in the night It will be everywhere and on the moon and It will smell like your childhood hiding place and you will sleep again, easy.

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