Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Early Holiday Treats, for Tom

This animal is small and confused, but very at home. At home! Already! You haven't even had the chance to put out a saucer of water or a warm blanket. That is ok. This animal is named Dapline. Dapline loves the cold. It loves running and sledding and snow and the feeling the compells you to step inside for a hot chocolate during a walk in the city, even though you haven't been paid on time this month. This is the kind of animal that leaks a steam vigil at the foot of your bed on the nlights that didn't start out cold enough to turn the heating on. You didn't even ask for it. It lives in bookcases filled with cd's and dvd's. It naps in stacks of old plates in the cupboard. It doesn't have legs, but it will skitter outside and bark at the postman and leave them confused, with some warm milk and cookies, and bring you your mail. Dapline sleeps on the roof or, more often, in your garden shed. It is so, so easy to forget them. But they are resilient and gentle in the cracks of the buildings and the weeks you don't quite manage to call someone. There, Dapline. Stay, Dapline. Have a treat.

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