Friday, 30 December 2016

Post-Gap/Pineapple/Playtime, for David

This is an electromagnetic animal. You wouldn't know it, to look at it. It worms its way through the back corners of bookshelves and lounges over the backs of chairs and the taps on bathtubs. It is covered with translucent holes, echo chambers in which patterns of sound thrum. The zenith of a morning alarm crescendo, the indicators of ice rattling, or the low amplitude string of instances, a cacophony preceding the jolt of a key in the lock. Deft fingers switch on Dance Music. Sunlight pounces through its tail. It connects your pixels in astounding arrays, like constellations, and with so much depth and width and height and all the minute fluxes in gravity and mood. Segments and magnitudes that individuals around you see, put into relation and scattered, arranged into a sculpture that it watches quietly in a loop, eyes closed, while you are out. .GIF memory object permanence. When you return, it will fold itself into your fingers or hum a favourite scene from a book or a film to you from across the room, or a long forgotten conversation, while you do many other things, but feel more familiar doing them.

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