Thursday, 29 December 2016

i'd like to be Braver and Kinder and Share Real and Imaginary Breakfasts, for Nina

I am a supple animal, and I am electric. My bones vibrate with every sort of wave in the universe. I hide in towers and undersea caverns and against brick walls on side streets and in between pages of all your favourite books. I do not let others speak for me. I do not stop them from speaking about me, but only I write my biographies. Sometimes I write five imaginary ones over a cup of tea I feed cats sometimes and other times I do not. I am regularly somewhat hungry. When I get angry, I thrive because I am fine tuning the parameters of judging fear. I am also scared of pancakes because I can never decide what toppings to put on them. On stormy nights, I watch my friends sleep and I mimic their breathing, but mostly I learn how to love bigger. I like rugged hardwood floors and pillowy beds. But, to be inordinately alive, I only need a pulse in the fingertips of someone clutching something in them.

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